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Among Us Dumpy Bot Among Us Dumpy Bot Among Us Dumpy Bot Discord

Made by ThatOneCalculator & Pixer415 (misskey) twitter

With help from twistCMYK, Coco, Advos, karl-police, and auguwu!


Please credit this repository when you use this program!


“Among Us Dumpy Bot is the best Discord bot” -Mutahar (SomeOrdinaryGamers)

Technologies used

Examples (click)



The Discord bot uses slash commands, type /info for more info or /dumpy to make a dumpy gif.

Run as a program:



AUR package for Arch Linux users arch

yay -S among-us-dumpy-gif-maker && among-us-dumpy-gif-maker

To everyone else:

Make sure to download the jar!

Basic usage:

Click and open the jar, select the file, and a file called “dumpy.gif” will be made in the same folder as the jar.

CLI usage:

From source:

Not recommended unless you intend to modify the code!

Please note that the Discord/Revolt bots are not designed to be self-hosted, and I will not be providing support for self-hosting them.